We like mini RC helicopters.

That is what this site is all about. It’s easy to go out and find one of these little mechanical wonders, but it’s a little tougher to find one that works well.

Our reviews

We have reviewed several different mini helicopters to help you see the differences between many of the popular and well liked models. We hope that the information that we have compiled is useful for you.

Any questions or submission requests?

If you have any stories or questions you are always welcome to submit your stories to us. Visit our contact page to find our contact form.

Flying indoors?

Flying RC helicopters is pretty fun, both indoors and outdoors. I find that indoor flight is a little more challenging, mainly just because there is the tendency to have many more obstacles that if you are flying outdoors. But that is what makes it so fun!

Mini helicopters and cats

I also find that my cats like to chase the small mini RC helis, but that should have been expected, I’m not sure why I ever thought that they would not do that. They also like to try to play with the helis when they are just sitting on the shelf, so I need to make sure that I keep them up on a shelf where the cats paws can’t reach. It’s also nearly impossible to break out my tools and tear apart a mini heli for repairs without having a cat sitting right there staring at me and at the parts, trying to fiddle with all the small bits.

When starting out

One thing that I really learned quickly when I first started flying a mini helicopter was that it was a really good idea to take it slow and work on the basic controls. It’s too easy to just take a “video game approach” and assume that the helicopter is going to steer or control a certain way. That is not the case! But I’ll get into that in some of the blog articles.

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