Be Careful During Your First Mini RC Helicopter Flight

I can say this, as an experienced indoor RC helicopter pilot – that you will need to really be careful during your first few flights.

If you have never flown an rc helicopter indoors before, you will find it to be very thrilling, but you will also find it to be a challenge at first.

I remember my first indoor flight. I got my Syma S107 out of the box and got it all charged up. Then it was time to fly it. I slowly toggled the controller to lift off of the ground, and found it amazing that I was flying this thing up into the air. Then I tried to move forward. It moved very well, and was easy to control. Then without thinking I let off the up/down stick and the heli instantly fell to the ground.

I had been approaching it like flying a helicopter in a video game. That wasn’t going to work.

I had to rethink how to manage the controls, but got the hang of it really quickly. Slow and steady is the way to go.

I also unfortunately however smashed that same helicopter into my fireplace during the first day of operation, and pretty much knocked it out of contention. It just never flew right again after that accident, even after attempts to fix it.

Oh well. What can you do? I learned the hard way that I needed to take it easy with learning how to fly a mini rc helicopter – by pretty much destroying my first one with careless flight attempts.

After I bought another, my skills increased rapidly. I focused on slow and steady flight, not trying to move anything too quickly. I also put a really big focus on doing soft landings. Soft landings can be a little tricky to get the hand of but it doesn’t take too long too figure it out.

The best thing to do is to practice landing on soft surfaces, so that if you do land hard you won’t damage the heli as easily.

I liked to practice landing by landing on my couch, for example.

Now I can easily land on almost any surface without too much worry, but I always have to remind myself to ease into the landing, not just drop into the landing spot.

Anyways, back to my original point.

I think that you really should be careful during your first few flights. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Don’t let the heli “drop” from the sky by letting off the controls
  • Don’t try to move too quickly
  • Practice in a more open space
  • Land on soft surfaces at first
  • Watch out for people

And that should be enough advice to get you on your way.

Good luck with your first flight!

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