Review: Helizone Firebird Mini RC Helicopter

Helizone Firebird Mini RC HelicopterThe Helizone Firebird Mini RC Helicopter is tiny machine with a lot of heart. Its metal alloy constructed frame provides for a solid and smooth flight as it tears through the air. The specially designed Gyrosope system is built-in to this wonderfully crafted helicopter. It comes equipped with LED headlights.

It can fly to a comfortable height of 30 feet and has a flying range of 45 feet. It takes approximately 25 – 30 minutes and can fly for approximately 8 – 10 minutes on a single charge. The Helizone RC  comes with a 3.7 volt rechargeable lithium polymer battery, USB charger, 3 channel transmitter, a user guide and a bonus tail blade.


  • Well constructed metal alloy frame.
  • Built-in Gyroscope system.
  • Can comfortably fly to a comfortable height of 30 feet. Comes with LED headlights.
  • Has a flying range of 45 feet.
  • Takes about 25 -30 minutes to charge and can fly for about 8 -10 minutes on a single charge.

The Review

The Helizone Firebird Mini RC Helicopter was reviewed by 23 different customers and overall got a near perfect score. Out of a possible 5, it received 4 and a half stars. This model seems like a model that many beginners are saying good things about, especially considering the price point. One beginner wrote about his first experience using an RC helicopter. He was very surprised how tiny it looked and was deceived by the pics in advertising. He noted how easy it was to fly and how stable it was.

Many reviewers commented how sturdy the little helicopter was. A few have admitted flying and crashing their units on walls, roofs, blinds, lamps posts and more. The Firebird just holds its ground. It is solidly made. Once you get started on flying, you may become addicted with this little obsession and may become angry because you can only fly it for about 10 minutes at a time. One clever reviewer pointed out that he got an extra pair, so that when the battery died out, he simply put in the replacement and let the other pair charge.

Many people that have always wanted to fly a mini remote controlled helicopter had stopped because they thought it was expensive. They gave this a shot because it was reasonably priced. The verdict is that for the price you pay, you get to see why other die-hard mini helicopter enthusiasts love this hobby. It takes you out of your life for a moment and experience the wonders of flying, through the eyes of nicely designed toy. It has definitely been making a believer out of many new beginners.

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Beginners and more experienced users liked the built-in gyro which basically allows to lock the helicopter in place which provides for easy control. Many beginning models do not have this feature and you may notice that it is a little more challenging to control the helicopter. Many people really noticed the amazing full throttle response time. The 3 channel helicopter allows you to fly from one point to another and you can even fly it backwards.

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