Review: Syma S013 UH-60 Black Hawk Mini RC Helicopter

SYMA S013 Mini UH-60 Black Hawk RC HelicopterThe Syma S013 UH-60 Black Hawk Mini RC Helicopter is yet another edition to the Syma line of mini helicopters.  What makes this model unique is the size and weight. They say that good things come in small packages, well this product is it.

The S103 has 3 available channels and resembles the look and feel of the Black Hawk RC Helicopter, as seen in the movie Black Hawk Down. It comes in a variety of different colors: Dark Green, Desert Tan and Camo. It ships on the next available.

It comes with an amazing 3D flight channel that has the capability of 360 degree control. It can work outside, but it was ideally made for indoor flight because wind factors are non-existent which provides for more focused movement and maneuverability. The S103 is an awesome gift for both children and adults of all ages.


  • Featuring mini Black Hawk RC Helicopter and comes with Syma 3 channel controller.
  • Comes in a variety of colors: Dark Green, Desert Tan and Camo. Ships on the next available.
  • 360 degree flight control with 3D flight channel.
  • Ideally made for indoor flight.
  • Great gift idea.

The Reviews

The Syma S013 UH-60 Black Hawk Mini RC Helicopter This product was reviewed by 77 different people. Overall it received good comments. Out of 5 possible stars, it received for solid ones. Many liked the fact that it was durable. One user, had said that he crashed it approximately 200 times in just 10 hours of flying time, but it was able to maintain, it’s new-like quality. Through all the crashes, nothing had broke off or come apart. Several said that it was great for flying indoors. A few had actually tried flying it outside, but it is not perfect and will not be able to handle even the slightest wind. One reason is because it is very light.

Others liked the low price. It’s fairly reasonably priced for a beginner model and it’s a great way to break into the world of miniature helicopters without having to sacrifice an arm or a leg. Many that bite the bullet and try this for the first time are amazed at the stability and performance, considering the low price you pay. The rotors are very strong but they they are loosely mounted so that it will simply collapse instead of breaking completely.

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Many just love it for the pure enjoyment that it provides. One person had used the helicopter to fly around the house and he loved how it was able to easily maneuver around different things, including his wife. He used it to entertain his puppies and to give them a little bit of exercise at the same time. The LED feature may be cool for humans, but pets may not always think so and may end up running for cover. You really do become a pilot even if just for a moment and with a miniature toy. One reviewer said it best when he said it has a cheap price, but its not a cheap helicopter.

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