Review: Syma S022 CH-47 Chinook Big Mini RC Helicopter

Syma S022 Big CH-47 Chinook Mini RC HelicopterThe Syma S022 CH-47 Chinook Mini RC Helicopter comes already assembled from the factory and can be flown directly from the box. All that is needed is to charge the batteries and then insert them. The S022 is a famous model that mimics the Massive Chinook Helicopter.

The kit comes equipped with the materials for you to get airborne and to enjoy flying time. The only thing that does not come included in the package is the 6 AA batteries needed for the transmitter. You and the whole family can experience being in control of this amazing helicopter. When you fly, it’s like being in the pilot’s cockpit.

The package comes with one remote-controlled helicopter, a 3-channel controller equipped with an antenna, an AC charger, a user manual and 7.4 Volt Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack.


  • Fully functional 3-channel remote control. Smart RC system that can maneuver in any direction.
  • Simulates a real helicopter with proper rotor speed and altitude control. It has the ability to hover in one position.
  • 7.4-volt Li-Polymer battery that is rechargeable.
  • Comes with Stabilizer System and the trimming control can be adjusted. Charging time takes about 45 minutes and can be flown 8 -12 minutes at a time.
  • Has a flight range radius of 100 ft.
  • Ideally made for indoor flight and can be used outdoors without wind factors. Made for children 14 years of age and older.

The Reviews

The Syma S022 CH-47 Chinook Mini RC Helicopter was reviewed by 89 different customers. Overall, it had okay comments, but it could have been better. Out of a five star rating system, it received 3 and a half.

A few liked the massive size of the helicopter, compared to some of the ones that are out on the market. It’s amazing how a unit this big can still maneuver nicely and with perfect control. Another thing that’s nice is that it doesn’t need any assembly but can be played directly from the box, just make sure the batteries are charged and you’re ready to go.

Several liked the power it has. One commented and said that he liked the “serious lift”. It takes off quite quick if you put the controller to full throttle. It has the amazing ability to carry the weight of two spoons under it. It is quite fun to setup different landing areas to simulate rescue scenarios.

Quite a few people had commented on the durability of the Chinook. One guy actually had his friend blow it out of the sky with a Nerf gun. On several occasions, it brought the Chinook, but there were no major damages to be reported. Your helicopter will become marked up after hitting the wall a few time, it’s only normal.

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Many had commented that the manual is poorly translated, it seems to be translated from another language and the person who did the translation didn’t really have a good grasp of the English language. Just one thing for them to improve on.

Another issue that some people had reported was that they had problems charging the batteries. It seems that if you leave the charge on for too long, the batteries will not work anymore. This one reviewer found out the hard way after he accidentally left it charging the whole night.

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