Review: VieFly “Military” RC Mini Indoor Helicopter

VieFly RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor HelicopterThe 3 Channel RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter is one of the best selling toys in the malls. It is 7 inches in length and can easily fit in your palm.

It can be played directly out of the box. It boasts the most recent technology from Gyroscope. This one helicopter model is a hot item in the RC World.

This is the ultimate in miniature military entertainment. There aren’t any boundaries for this toy and it is made for children and adults of all ages.

The high-tech Gyro System allows you to direct the helicopter with focused and precise movement. It provides stability while hovering in the air. Ideal for for indoor play.

VieFly RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter

This helicopter kit comes equipped with helicopter, 3 way channel controller, Triband power system, Lipo Battery Radio System, and channel radio controller.


  • This Gyro Helicopter is ideal for beginners.
  • High-tech built-in Gyro.
  • Charge time is approximately 30 – 45 minutes and can be flown 8-12 minutes at a time.
  • Comes with 3 way channel Radio Controller.

The Reviews

The 3 Channel RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter was reviewed by 48 different customers. Overall, it received very positive feedback and out of a five star rating, received 4 and a half stars. Many people really liked the flight performance for the price. One reviewer, confessed that he and his brother each purchased their own units and had a blast. The only problem was that they could not fly their birds together because it used the same flight frequency.

Many people liked how fast the battery takes to recharge and many noticed that it is even faster if the USB cable is used. The helicopter is very durable and can withstand quite a bit of shock. It will not fold if it hits random objects in the house. A few even tried flying it outside when there was no wind and said it was nice watching the little bird climb the height of the trees.

Reviewers loved the fact that it can be enjoyed by anyone. One fellow had bought this helicopter as a Christmas gift for his dad who is in his 70s. It was the first RC toy he had ever received and he literally fell in love with it. After it finished charging, the whole family was fighting to see who would fly it next. It truly makes you feel like a kid again. The flashing lights add more to the experience of flying and the charge is held for a good time. They said that it should be recommended for beginners of any age.

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The only issue I saw was the material being used on the S107. One user had said that the helicopter worked great and found out that it is made of metal, mostly a thin sheet of aluminum. He did mention that even though it was more durable, it added unnecessary weight, which in turn affects the performance of the helicopter. He flies with a buddy that uses a helicopter made from plastic and on several occasions they have crashed. The landing gear on his bird was shot while the one on his friends was repairable using crazy glue.

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