You’re Gonna Need RC Helicopter Parts

When I first bought an RC helicopter, I didn’t realize how quickly I was going to be smashing it into things and needing parts to make repairs.

Probably one of the most common parts that needed repairs was the propellers. They seem to take the most of the abuse in terms of smashing against other objects.

Expect to need repairs

If you have never flown an RC helicopter before, you really do need to prepare for having to make repairs. It might be too easy at first to give up on your machine if it goes bad, but if you search around online you can find quite a bit of help. There are some pretty fanatic forums and discussion revolving around the popular models of mini rc helicopters.

Finding parts

If you do need parts, it often a great idea to check at the manufacturer web site first. Even if they don’t sell the part directly from their site, they will often show you what they have available and where to find places to buy. I like to, once again, just search online to find parts. It doesn’t seem to be too hard to find parts for any mini rc chopper.

For example, I was able to find a lot of the parts I needed on Amazon, the same place I bought my mini rc helicopter. There was a lot of really affordable places to buy parts from. I was also able to get free shipping in most cases. Even if I did have to pay for shipping it was always only a dollar or two.

The parts are always cheap. Replacement propellers only cost me three dollars per set. That’s a pretty average price for any of the individual parts. Of course the batteries and some of the more mechanical parts might be a little more expensive, but even then they are still a lot cheaper than you might expect.

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